Background and Mission

Bina Cita Utama School (BCU)

BINA CITA UTAMA SCHOOL was first established in 2005 by a group of Subud children residing in Rungan Sari, Palangka Raya. BCU School was and is still the first bilingual school in Palangka Raya even Central Kalimantan. The school runs from Preschool to High School with 150 students. Following YM Bapak’s message to build in Kalimantan and establish a SUBUD school, today we experience how we have touched the young talents of Kalimantan to be the country’s future leaders. Volunteers and friends from all over the world have supported our journey since. In celebration of our 20th Anniversary in 2025, we plan to build our BCU campus on the land behind the Muhamad Subuh Center.

The Experience

During the project visit, we will guide you through our facilities and the work of our students on display. On this visit you will meet our BCU ambassadors who will share some of our programs such as the Volunteer and Scholarship Programs, Teacher Training, and the School Kitchen Garden.

Duration Time

The duration of the visit will be one hour.

What To Bring

Dress lightly, bring your water bottle and a sun hat or mosquito repellent.

What Is Included

The BCU Hall is converted into a chill-out area during the congress, with a coffee & local snacks corner. You can rest and browse through the school’s library. Water dispensers are also available around the school to refill your water bottles. Toilets and showers are available inside and outside the main building. Bring some local change for the coffee and snacks in the main hall.

Meeting Point

The meeting points will be at the Swissbel Hotel and Rungan Sari (more indications, to follow.) Please plan to be at least 10 minutes before the assigned departure time to avoid missing your bus!


USD 16.50 (USD 5 to cover transportation and USD 11.50 to offset project expenses.)

Any additional amount in donation through SDIA will be appreciated. We are continuously seeking support for scholarships and subsidized students. A full-year scholarship costs approx. USD 2,500 but we are grateful for any amount you are prepared to donate.