Donor FAQs

In what other ways can I give to SDIA?

  • You can mail a cheque in $US or $Canadian.
  • You can make a wire transfer to:Beneficiary: SUSILA DHARMA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION
    Address: 572, rue Empire, Greenfield Park, Quebec, J4V 1W2 (Canada)
    Beneficiary Bank: Bank of Montreal (no address required)
    Routing information: //CC000121991
    Bank account number: 2199 4609 382

Please inform and instruct SDIA by email to if you are sending a wire transfer.

If funds are being sent in U.S. Dollars also provide the sending financial institution with Bank of Montreal’s USD correspondent bank information:

Pay through Intermediary Bank: Wells Fargo Bank (FKA Wachovia)
Fedwire ABA: 026005092
CHIPS UID: 143906


Can I give in currencies other than US dollars?

  • Yes, when you make a recurring or one-time donation with your credit/debit card or Stripe/Paypal (?), the dollar amount will automatically convert into your currency. A small amount of commission may be charged by your bank.
  • You can pay be cheque in both Canadian and US dollars
  • You can make a wire transfer in any currency.


What is the Dollar-a-Day Club?

As a Dollar A Day Club member, your monthly gift sustains SDIA. You will be supporting us to:

  • Strengthen health care delivery, protect the environment and improve care and education of children.
  • Assist projects to secure more resources for their work
  • Improve the capacity of projects to deliver and impact in the communities they work with


Can I give weekly or yearly instead of monthly?

Yes, of course! Just fill in the periodicity of your gift in the Donation form.

Can I leave a Bequest to SDIA?

Yes, of course! Please see detailed information about making a Bequest here.

What are the SDIA Funds?

These are funds managed by SDIA and used for the most urgent needs of projects engaged such activities.

SDIA manages funds in the following areas:

If you want to donate to one of these funds, you can choose the relevant one in the dropdown menu when you fill in the donation form.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, early in the year you will receive a receipt for the total amount donated the year before.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

If you live in the United States, your donation is tax deductible. Early in the year you will receive a tax receipt for the total amount donated the year before.

Email us at if you have a question about donating to SDIA or our work.