Your donation will provide clean water to three villages in DR Congo.

Clean drinking water is essential for life and for the prevention and treatment of disease.

In 2016, SDIA launched an appeal to help our member CEDERI-Madimba build a well to bring clean water to its hospital centre in Madimba, Kongo Centrale province (Democratic Republic of the Congo), as well as to the nearby village of Kimbobolo.

Many generous donors supported SDIA, SD Congo and CEDERI-Madimba in this project, which has vastly improved hygiene at the clinic and made easier the lives of thousands of women who no longer have to walk long distances to collect water and carry it back to their homes.

Now the neighbouring villages of Mingamu, Kibambi and Liberta are also asking for wells in their communities, as they face the same problems. CEDERI-Madimba wants to build on its success in Kimbobolo and help the women and children of the other villages by bringing clean water into their communities.

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Can you imagine having to get up at 4am every day and walk miles just so you could drink, wash and cook? This is the reality for many people around the world including in the DR Congo.  Women bear the burden of keeping children alive and households running, getting up early every day to go and get water which they carry back on their heads over several kilometres and rough terrain. The time and energy it takes to do this could be better spent on education and productive activities, leading to greater economic emancipation for women and improved development for the communities as a whole.


Supported by SDIA and its partner SD Congo, CEDERI-Madimba will dig wells and install the distribution systems that will provide clean drinking water to the villages of Mingamu, Kibambi and Liberta. For this, we need to raise over $62,000, but we can get started with just under $36,000.

SDIA is seeking to raise $35,880 USD to support CEDERI Madima in this initiative.

Long Term Impact

This one simple solution has the power to vastly improve the lives of village residents, especially women and girls who quite literally carry the burden of supplying their families with essential clean water.

Providing clean drinking water will prevent water-borne diseases in children and adults, improving the health of the whole community. It will also save women and children hours of hard labour carrying water from far-off sources, freeing up their time for education, economic activities like food production, taking care of families and leisure. This in turn means greater productivity and quality of life for 6,300 people.

Research has shown that improving girls’ and women’s education and work prospects leads to a more prosperous economy and healthier communities.

Additional Documentation

CEDERI Clean Water Grant Request 04-2017


CEDERI Madimba page on SDIA Website

Organisation information

Project leader: Ferdinand Bisalu
Location:  B.P. 215 Inkisi
Madimba Territory
Lukaya District
Kongo Central Province
Democratic Republic of the Congo


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