Help us get rid of open air defecation! Your donation will provide sanitary units for the inhabitants of two communities in Colombia.

Our mission is to stop deaths associated to open air defecation. Every two and a half minutes a child dies due to diarrhea which could have been prevented. This is what we are fighting against in communities such as Las Palmas, Cundinamarca, Colombia, just a three-hour drive away from the capital city. This is in line with the UN campaign to end open defecation.

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To eradicate the problem of outdoor defecation, we will have to provide permanent drinkable water to homes. This would solve problems of hygiene both for the family and the individual, with elements such as faucets and showers. It would also allow for a healthy handling of food, the possibility of having crops in a home garden and it would eliminate the necessity of carrying heavy containers of water, which usually is work done by women and children. This prevents them from having an education and access to other productive work which would improve the conditions of their families and community.


Tejiendo Logros is looking to build systems of gathering, collecting and distributing rainwater in each home. Also, sanitary units and residue water processing units in the rural communities of Cantagallo and Las Vueltas. For the pilot unit of this project we are hoping to obtain around $16,000.

Long Term Impact

The proposed solution will greatly improve the opportunities for education and productive work for women and children, for a more prosperous and healthier community. This will have an impact on around 11,000 people who live in this municipality.

Additional Documentation

View full grant request here: Tejiendo Logros Grant Request



Tejiendo Logro’s page on SDIA Website

Organisation information

Contact: Alejandro Cárdenas Obando
Whatsapp: +573112651781
Skype: alejancar

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