The Centre de Développement Rural Intégré (CEDERI-Madimba) is a nonprofit development NGO created in 1990. CEDERI focuses on community development projects including training, healthcare, clean water and sanitation and reforestation.

The health centre at CEDERI-Madimba, about 100 kilometers west of Kinshasa, has undergone major renovations and now has a brand new 12-bed maternity ward. The main health center building has been renovated and is better equipped. As a result, the government of Madimba Territory has now agreed to provide the centre with a full-time medical doctor, which is a rare and significant contribution towards rural health care services. CEDERI-Madimba attends to about 40 births per month, and now will be able to attend to even more with its new facilities.

CEDERI-Madimba carries out training in animal husbandry and agricultural training on four hectares of land where it grows its own crops. The project helps strengthen existing small farmer structures to reach financial self-sufficiency. Community reforestation is carried out in order to regenerate ecosystems in spaces, which have become useless or barren and to raise awareness among local people, especially young people, about the importance of maintaining forest areas.

Another important aspect of CEDERI-Madimba’s work is providing access to clean water. So far the project has installed 100 access points in villages in Madimba territory, reaching 9,850 people – providing clean water, setting up mechanisms for the management of the pumps by the inhabitants and raising awareness around sanitation in villages.