THE AMANECER FOUNDATION was launched in 1990 by the Subud Colombia Association to energize all kinds of charitable, cultural, recreational and environmental activities. The Foundation also promotes social research to support peace, harmony and understanding between people whatever their ethnicity or religion.

The Foundation is currently working with the nationwide PAIPI (Comprehensive Early Childhood Care Programme), which supports the development of young children through rights-based, inter-sectoral work. The programme takes into account each child and their individual needs. It includes five components: child protection, life and survival, early development and education, participation and external coordination. The programme is currently caring for nearly 250 children living in 5 municipalities in the Quindió region.

The Foundation is also integrating the International Child Development Programme (ICDP) (also an SDIA member) to increase the effectiveness of the programme.

Plans for the future include a comprehensive early childhood centre in Amanecer to care for up to 180 children and expand the programmes to four more municipalities.