Founded in 1975, YUM (Foundation for Noble Work) is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of life of the poor in Indonesia. YUM works in three main areas: Health, Education and Community Development.

YUM concentrates its health projects in the regions where there are the poorest levels of access to health services and knowledge in Indonesia. Through these projects, YUM aims to not only provide the resources needed to treat health issues, but importantly, to educate people and assist them in preventing health problems. YUM’s health projects include: Malaria Control, Clean Water and Sanitation, Nutrition and Health Education.

YUM’s education projects focus on giving young people from poor backgrounds the opportunity to experience and enjoy learning and reap the associated benefits. Current programmes, benefiting approximately 5,000 children, include: Community Libraries, Education Support (materials and teacher training) Computer Training.

YUM undertakes a number of community development projects with the goal of strengthening community networks and empowering individuals to help themselves. Projects include: a Community Development Centre in West Java, agriculture programmes, microcredit, sewing workshops.

A successful Vocational Training Centre has been developed in West Java to build the skill set of disadvantaged young people and encourage employability. Now YUM is designing a unique Vocational Training Centre in Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan (where half of the 13,000 inhabitants survives on less than a dollar a day). YUM is actively seeking support for this newest endeavour.

Here and on our Videos page you can watch the latest film on YUM made in association with Borneo Productions International!