Background and Mission

Ransel Buku

A Pioneer of Riverside Community Literacy Movement in Central Kalimantan

Started as a small grassroots volunteering movement led by the passionate youths of Palangka Raya, Ransel Buku celebrates its 15th year in 2023 as a transformative educational and literacy initiative. It stands as a testament to the community’s collective efforts, reflecting a pioneering spirit in building a space dedicated to education and literacy, by the people and for the people. A Dignified Kalimantan Through Literacy Awakening.

At Ransel Buku, we believe that a literacy movement can thrive anywhere. Whether it’s reading books at the village jetty, under a tree by the river, on someone’s patio, in mosques, or in churches—any place can become a library as long as there are willing “librarians” and children ready to learn.

Ransel Buku celebrates the uniqueness of every child. Our educational and literacy programs are meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of children in these villages. This commitment has propelled us towards our mission of establishing a secure and nurturing environment where children can freely express themselves, explore their capabilities, and enjoy the joys of childhood while learning and growing. Our programs are designed to identify and address the unique challenges of the communities we serve. Our overarching goal is to make meaningful contributions towards enhancing various critical aspects such as literacy, environmental, health, and cultural education.

The Experience

We are delighted to invite you to experience a day with Ransel Buku, giving you a glimpse of our transformative educational and literacy activities that have been ongoing for the past 15 years. Our program manager will guide you through various activities, and we encourage you to participate actively and immerse yourself in our vibrant community. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Cultural Immersion with the Dayak Community

Join our dancing troupe: Learn about the rich Dayak culture through music and dance. Participate in traditional dances and even try playing local musical instruments.

  1. Children’s Activities

Reading Activities: Get involved in our children’s reading sessions. You will have the opportunity to read stories to the children and engage with them in literacy games that promote learning in a fun and interactive way.

  1. Traditional Local Delicacies

Taste the Flavors of Kalimantan: Enjoy traditional local cakes and teas prepared by the village women. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the local hospitality and culinary traditions.

  1. Library Journey Presentation

Learn About Our Journey: Attend a presentation on the 8-year journey of our library in Petuk Katimpun. This session will highlight our challenges, achievements, and the impact we’ve made in the community.

  1. Interactive Q&A Session

Discuss Our Programs: Participate in a Q&A session where you can learn more about our library programs, ask questions, and share your thoughts. This is a great chance to understand the inner workings of Ransel Buku and how we strive to promote literacy and education.

Duration Time

2,5 hours (including travel time).

From Rungan Sari travel by road will be approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the traffic (one way).

What To Bring
  1. Good walking shoes (there will be planks to walk on the last road to the library building
  2. Hat
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Smiles!
What Is Included
  • Water (but you’ll need to bring a drinking bottle)
  • Snacks and tea
Meeting Point

The meeting points will be at the Swissbel Hotel and Rugan Sari (more indications to follow). Please plan to be at least 10 minutes before the assigned departure time to avoid missing your bus!

27.50 USD (USD 5 to cover transportation and USD 22.50 to offset project expenses.)