The Human Force Camp is held at a Susila Dharma project once a year for two weeks. This is a fabulous and often life-changing opportunity to visit and work in a project and to learn about a different culture and country.

Human Force volunteers commit to a responsible volunteer experience where they can do meaningful work at the same time as learning about a new country and culture, about themselves and about the social and environmental issues that have led to the need for the organisation they are visiting.

The Human Force volunteer camp programme offers its participants many opportunities to be challenged and open to the world around them. It is also a chance for volunteers to make a contribution to sustainable development and learn about social issues. What makes Human Force special are its integrated self- and global awareness workshops and learning experience that help volunteers better understand themselves and the world they live in. Through creativity, sharing and active involvement, volunteers have a real opportunity to open up and live their dream.

Duration and locations
Our volunteer camps work on projects that usually run for two weeks during the middle of the year (June-August).
Camps are run at an SDIA member project or a project with links to the SDIA network. This means the camps can take place on any continent and provide a large variety of different contexts for our work. Each camp has a unique set of tasks and goals to complete. You can read about past camps here.
Each project is thoroughly researched to ensure volunteers can participate in ways that are beneficial to the local community.

Why choose Human Force?
Human Force staff invests a significant amount of time and effort in researching and developing the perfect volunteer experience in order to provide volunteers with opportunities to:

  • Learn about global issues from an insider perspective
  • Be hands-on and get directly involved in tasks that benefit developing communities
  • Be able to offer and share your own skills and talents in cultural exchanges
  • Learn about yourself and the positive ways you can impact the world
  • Have fun – and an experience you’ll never forget!

It is our responsibility to ensure that our volunteer camps have a solely positive impact on projects and the communities they serve, which is why we adhere to an ethical charter.