SDIA Funds

Child Development and Education Fund

Globally, around 69 million children are not in school. In developing countries, insufficient numbers of children complete a full cycle of primary schooling, and the quality of education and teacher training are significant problems.

Your donation to this fund helps SDIA and its members around the world carry out the following activities in this field:

  • Train caregivers in child development to support a child’s emotional and intellectual growth.
  • Develop innovative teaching methods that enable children to reach their full potential.
  • Provide access to education for children who have little chance of going to school.
  • Improve school infrastructures and provide learning materials.
  • Provide vocational training opportunities to adolescents and adults, to help them into work

These funds are distributed as grants to projects or activities when there is a need.


Project Support Fund

Are you finding it hard to choose between the valuable activities of SDIA’s members?

Your donation to this fund helps SDIA and its members carry out activities in their different fields, whether it be community development, sustainable livelihoods, environmental protection or health and well-being.

SDIA will make sure that your money will go to the project that needs it most at the time that you give – ensuring fast and effective support to a community in need.



To donate to any of these funds, please visit our Donation page.