SDIA assists its members to document and publicize their activities in order to demonstrate the impact of their work to the public and other organizations. These activities have been incorporated into the SDIA Voices project, whose aim is to assist projects ‘tell their story’ and to help SDIA accurately represent the activities of its members.

In 2012 volunteers supported members by teaching them new skills to help communicate and document their projects through stories, articles, photos, video and creating an internet presence. Travelling photographers visiting projects have improved our photo database.

SDIA maintains this website to feature the work of its member organizations and describe the services provided by SDIA to the SD Network. We produce a quarterly newsletter in English, French and Spanish, publish reports and analysis from site visits to in different regions. SDIA also publishes an online Annual Report and brochure. Two magazines—In Context 2010 and Impacts 2014— raised awareness of development issues and highlight achievements of our project members.


SDIA occasionally engages with its members to research and analyse development issues in order to improve practice. Research can improve the way we do things and contributes to sustainable development.

One example is the Governance and Development Project, which focused on how local, regional and international decision-making serves communities. The project surveyed nine SDIA members active in grassroots development initiatives. The research provided valuable input on how projects can be more inclusive and participatory in their decision-making processes as well as governance structures and mechanisms.

This project was funded by the Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace.