SDIA assists our members to strengthen their financial management and ensure their projects have sufficient funding for their activities.

The office, together with project support groups, provide expertise in preparing grant proposals, promoting grant needs, fundraising, collecting and allocating funds, assisting with grant management, monitoring, evaluation and reporting to donors.

Donor coordination is becoming increasingly important to the SD Network, as we are now attracting grant funding from a wider donor base.

SDIA also collects and manages donations for specific focus funds: Child Development and Education Fund, Bright Futures Scholarship Fund, Health and Wellbeing Fund, Sustainable Livelihoods Fund, Environment Fund and Emergency Relief Fund. These funds are distributed as grants to projects or activities when there is a need.


Some of our member projects promote and manage scholarship programmes to help ensure that future generations have the tools they need to succeed and to strengthen civil society organizations. SDIA members identify, sponsor and support young people from poorer families to complete their education, including university, and encourage them to return home and give back to their communities.

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