SDIA works globally for just and sustainable development through:

  • Empowering individuals and communities to engage in positive human, social and economic change;
  • Creating partnerships to achieve grassroots, participatory initiatives.

Guiding Principles


A Vision of Development

  • We give priority to the needs, aspirations and participation of the individuals and communities on whose behalf we are working.
  • We recognize the importance of fundamental human rights, environmental sustainability and accountability to those we serve.
  • We work to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to combat discrimination in all its forms, including on the basis of race, gender, caste, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  • We understand development as a positive process of human, social, cultural, environmental, economic and political transformation.

Community Participation and Knowledge Sharing

  • We are committed to participatory and inclusive approaches to development.
  • As a network we freely share our information and knowledge, continuously learning from each other
  • We base our decisions on mutual understanding and respect.
  • We aim to learn from our mistakes and value our success, no matter how small.
  • We are committed to monitoring and evaluating our activities in order to continually improve our development practices.


  • Partnerships form the basis for trust and sound development practice.
  • Our partnerships respect one another’s autonomy and constraints and are built on honesty, accountability and transparency.
  • All partners strive for better understanding and appreciation of one another.
  • We reach out to and work in collaboration with institutions that share our aims and objectives.

Transparent and Accountable Management and Reporting

  • We are committed to transparent and accountable reporting, both between members of the network, and towards beneficiaries, donors and the general public.
  • We seek to identify the appropriate scale and terms of financial support on a case by case basis.

Personal Responsibility

  • In addition to being well-informed and learning from others, we strive to trust our own perceptions and follow our inner feelings as development practitioners.