eNews in Spanish

Here are the last 3 issues of the SDIA eNews in Spanish.

Marzo 2022 – Trabajando juntos por Ucrania

A medida que las donaciones se acumulan como respuesta a la devastadora guerra en Ucrania, he aquí una actualización de nuestras acciones.

Diciembre 2021 – Lo que has conseguido este año 💪

Gracias a nuestros generosos donantes, apoyamos proyectos para que se amplíen y produzcan un cambio positivo más amplio.

Noviembre 2021 – Alimentar a los niños, alimentar a las plantas

Visitamos Anisha, India, y descubrimos que se trata de mucho más que agricultura orgánica …

eNews in French

Here are the last 3 issues of the SDIA eNews in French.


Agir ensemble pour l’Ukraine

Alors que les dons affluent en réponse à la guerre dévastatrice en Ukraine, voici une mise à jour de nos actions.

Ce que vous avez réalisé cette année 💪

Grâce à nos généreux donateurs, nos projets se développent et apportent des changements positifs à plus grande échelle.

Novembre 2021 – Nourrir les enfants, nourrir les plantes

Nous visitons Anisha, en Inde, et découvrons que c’est tellement plus que l’agriculture bio – comprenant les soins de santé, la nutrition, la santé mentale, l’écologie et bien plus…

eNews in English – archive

October 2021 – A Magical Realm for Healing

In September, we visited Quest Center for Integrative Health and heard about the power of community for healing.

July 2021 – Youth Powering Up!

Two projects that work with youth in Africa hosted our most recent exciting SD Network Passport visits.

April 2021 – From Colombia to Kalimantan

In February and March, we heard in person from the directors of two very different projects: an elder care project and a football academy. Find out more …

February 2021 – Visiting our changemakers in the DR Congo

A rare chance to hear in person from our development workers in the Congo and a first-hand account of making a film under pandemic conditions.

January 2021 – How have we coped?

During a global pandemic, Susila Dharma projects around the world have had to adapt to a changing reality. Here is how some of them did it …

December 2020 – Food for Change

The 4th in our series showcasing new SDIA members brings you FUEGOS in Ecuador, which advocates for sustainably-produced food as an agent of change.

October 2020 – A Space to Grow

Come with us to Colorado, USA, where one of SDIA’s newest members is providing a healing space for these troubled times.

September 2020 – Sport Transforming Lives

This issue of the SDIA eNews takes us to Angola, Africa, to discover RSD Guelson, protecting youth in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the capital Luanda.

February 2020 – A safe haven for child refugees

Where is home when you have travelled half the world to safety? Providing a place to live and much more to young refugees in Britain…

December 2019 – Young people and environmental emergency 💨🔥💧

Join us to explore how young people are helping to fight for the environment – hand-in-hand with SDIA and its members.

August 2019 – Good News from Susila Dharma 😃

This issue brings you a short digest of the latest news from SDIA, including news of much needed goods arriving in DR Congo, a generous bequest and literary fundraising offer.

May 2019 – Celebrating Amanecer

Can the Amanecer Centre in Colombia be developed as a space for innovation, learning and creativity? We believe it can – read on to find out why …

February 2019 – It takes a village to raise a child

Susila Dharma’s pilot project to improve the early lives of young children in an impoverished Peruvian community is a success!

November 2018 – Give Women a Fighting Chance!

Susila Dharma International wants you to help us give women a fighting chance to achieve a better future!

October 2018 – Teamwork gets results in the Congo

The Kwilu Ngongo Mother and Child Hospital is the latest of the Susila Dharma Health Centres in the DR Congo…

August 2018 – Helping kids protect themselves in South Africa

I Protect Me in South Africa helps protect children and vulnerable adults from sexual violence. Now the project is spreading its wings.