Fundación Milla 91

At A Glance: Fundación Milla 91 is a family of cooperating doctors who, since 2012, have provided medical assistance in Sierra Leone and promoted from Spain cooperation projects to promote health and educational development in Sierra Leone.

They have worked in the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Clinic (in the town of Mile 91, Tonkolili district) with the Misioneras Clarisas del Santísimo Sacramento. Subsequently, they have cooperated with Spain through their own NGO and other non-profit organizations such as the Atabal Foundation, África Directo, Ayuda Contenedores, and Susila Dharma Spain and International.

Goals: The Foundation was created as a Non-Governmental Development Organization of a foundational nature, with a joint mission to extend and facilitate universal access to basic health and education services. The Foundation’s general purpose is to contribute to the development and welfare of the most disadvantaged population, mainly in Sierra Leone.

Resources: and Milla 91 Instagram Page