SD Israel

Susila Dharma Israel began in 2018 by initiating its own project.

The Elifelet After School Activity Center provides activities for refugee children and is planned and run by SD Israel in conjunction with Elifelet – an NGO for refugee children. A successful pilot begun in January 2019 with activities on two days a week led to the renewal of the project and an increase in activity days from September.

It aims to provide a safe place and a warm second home for refugee children in south Tel Aviv, prevent the children wondering around the rough streets of south Tel Aviv and to provide food and empowering activities for the children.

Since opening in January 2019 the Elifelet Activity Center has provided services to more than 100 children. 70 are currently registered and around 50 attend each activity day. The project involves around 25 volunteers.

Eyal Shinar
[email protected]