Tejiendro Logros Program Foundation

At A Glance: PTL is an initiative that helps marginalized communities primarily composed of individuals displaced due to domestic conflict. PTL operates 4 community kitchens in the poorest districts of Bogota, which feed 1,200 individuals daily. It also oversees programs for conflict-affected communities that help rebuild peace and trust after many years of civil unrest.
Goals: Provide nutritious food through community kitchens. Understand the needs of marginalized people and provide the appropriate support. Assist unemployed mothers and seniors who have been abandoned by the State or their families. Combat problems such as drug use, teenage pregnancy, gang culture and bullying.
Results: The latest PTL project, Renacer de Las Palmas, operates in the municipality of Las Palmas, Cundinamarca. It provides a potable water supply, educates against open defecation, helps villagers establish sustainable livelihoods, and restores the damaged natural environment.