Borneo Football International Academy

At A Glance: Located in Rungan Sari, near Palangkaraya, Indonesia, Borneo Football International Academy (BFIA) is the vehicle of Borneo Football International Foundation’s integrated program for assisting children and youth’s healthy development through football. Other educational initiatives include road safety, illness prevention, English language and computer training.
Goals: Provide a healthy, supportive environment for young people to thrive via sport training, health and nutrition, school support and English language education. BFIA promotes multicultural tolerance and equality, welcoming youngsters regardless of gender, religious or ethnic background.
Results: The Academy opened its doors to an inaugural class of 14 youngsters in March 2015. By the end of December 2018 it had 300 participants ranging in age from 7 to 18. In 2019, the project had almost 1,000 beneficiaries through agreements with approximately 15 local schools.