Cederi Madimba

At A Glance: Since 1990, the Centre de Développement Rural Intégré (CEDERI-Madimba) has engaged in community development projects that include training, healthcare, clean water and sanitation and reforestation. It is located on 4 hectares of farmland approximately 100 kilometers west of Kinshasa. The project also features a new 12-bed maternity ward and refurbished healthcare clinic staffed by a full-time medical doctor.
Goals: Provide training to the local community on topics such as animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture, reforestation and regenerative ecology. Enable access to clean drinking water via some 100 access points in surrounding rural villages.
Results: To date, the infirmary at CEDERI-Madimba has treated 1,735 patients and overseen 315 births, with a zero maternal mortality rate. 1,385 anti-malarial mosquito nets have been distributed. Clean water access points serve approximately 9,850 people.