Endowment Fund
The Endowment Fund was created in 1997 to support the mission of Susila Dharma International by creating a stable source of income for its work. You can choose to earmark your donation so that it is held in perpetuity as endowed funds of SDIA and only the income is distributed. The Endowment Fund is held and invested by Morgan Stanley with oversight by the Finance Committee.

Within the Endowment Fund the Suhadha Scholarship Fund, (named after an early Susila Dharma project in Sri Lanka), is set aside to distribute education awards to children in Asia.

Planned Giving
You can leave a charitable gift to SDIA through a bequest in your will: a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, an insurance policy or a financial investment. If leaving a legacy to Susila Dharma is of interest to you, take the next steps:

Prepare a will. A will allows you to control the distribution of your property. Leave a gift in your will for Susila Dharma International – imagine what we could accomplish if more Subud members made this type of gift! Assets can also be your gift to Susila Dharma – real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, term deposits, and insurance.

We will acknowledge your donation and send you news to keep you in touch with the network. SDIA provides charitable tax receipts to US donors. SDIA is a worldwide network, and some SD national organizations also provide tax receipts for donations.

Tax laws related to wills and bequests are unique to each country, so we advise you to speak to your accountant about what is best for you.

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