Mother Child Hospital Kwilu Ngongo

At A Glance: The Mother-Child Hospital Center of Kwilu Ngongo was opened in October 2017 in order to serve a population of about 52,000 without access to primary healthcare services. The Center attracts patients from many surrounding communities, from Congo all the way to the Angolan border. 
Goals: Provide the local community with a full service hospital center specializing in prenatal, maternity and antenatal care. Services including pre- and post-natal care, pediatric care, surgery, blood transfusions, vaccinations, general consultations and treatment. 
Results: Since opening in October 2017, the Mother-Child Hospital Center of Kwilu Ngongo has provided services to more than 8,532 patients. A co-managed health mutual association allows individuals and families to make small, regular financial contributions, which subsidizes the comprehensive care and ensures the long-term sustainability of the clinic.