Susila Dharma International (SDIA) assists partner Susila Dharma National organizations around the world who plan and execute local, culturally appropriate projects in four main areas: community development, education, environment and health.

While performing this mission, we retain personal information about volunteers, newsletter subscribers and donors. We use this personal information to inform them about projects and other SDIA activities, and to request assistance in future projects, via participation or donation. This information is most often comprised of name, postal address and email address, plus language communication preference and projects of interest. It is always collected from the subject individual directly and voluntarily.

We take appropriate measures to make sure personal information is secure, accurate and up to date. This includes both electronic and organizational measures. SDIA does not share or rent personal information with any other organizations. When processing a donation via the SDIA website, SDIA retains only contact information and type of donation (monthly, one time, etc.). Other information related to the processing of the donation, such as credit card data, is not retained by SDIA.

Permission for communication from SDIA can be withdrawn at any time, typically via an “unsubscribe’ link on the web site or in an email. Deletion or viewing of their personal information may be requested at any time by the subject individual. Questions about an individual’s information or SDIA privacy policy can be submitted via the website (“contact us”) or by mail.