A Child’s Garden of Peace (ACGP) works with children and their families to support personal and environmental health. ACGP achieves this through school and community gardens, recycling, nutrition, cooking and arts programs and developing adult education, skill building and communication courses.

The programme uses participatory planning methods and partners with existing community organizations such as schools, churches, non-profits, and local government agencies. Gardens have been developed in several cities in Brazil and in Colorado.

The project started in 2001 with a gardening and recycling education program in a small town in southern Brazil and has grown to helping establish school and day care gardens in two other Brazilian towns, as well as school gardens in the USA. The program also encompasses community environmental education and micro-enterprise for women and higher education scholarships in Brazil. These activities and gardens operate in poor neighbourhoods where many children go hungry and lack proper nutrition. ACGP is happy to collaborate with projects around the world to improve equitable access to healthy food for all people.

The programme is also being run at the Roaring Fork High School garden, bio-dome and permaculture education project in Carbondale, CO, USA.

Illène Pevec PhD., project founder, consults with schools and other non-profits for planning school gardens and implementing teacher’s education for outdoor gardening education and nutrition projects. A Child’s Garden of Peace will consult anywhere in the world.

Please contact Child’s Garden of Peace to request consultation for teacher training to maximize curriculum education through gardens and other environmental actions with youth to benefit youth and community health.