QUEST CENTER for Integrative Health is a community-based nonprofit health center based in Portland, Oregon. Clients work directly with a team of clinicians to develop a well-rounded and individualized treatment program. The centre’s programmes and services empower its clients to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes.

As a multidisciplinary care clinic, Quest Center treats a wide variety of chronic and life challenging illnesses. The Center is committed to treating all people, including those who are low income and without insurance. Quest Center’s philosophy is based in the belief that people thrive when their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs are effectively met.

For some two decades, the Center has also provided members of the community with meals that provide not only nutritious food, but a time to socialize and support one another. These Community Nutrition Nights also provide food items that can be brought home for families in need.

This video “A Return to Life” highlights one client’s journey to reclaiming a life of health and wellness, utilizing Quest Center’s integrative approach to healing: one-on-one therapy, yoga, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, community building, and wellness workshops.