Established in 1998, Vida Plena promotes the International Child Development Programme, (ICDP). Approved by the World Health Organisation, the programme aims to raise awareness in adults about the development needs of the children/teenagers in their care.

Vida Plena’s projects serve the community through programmes and activities that offer both children and adults extended learning opportunities.

Nande Rekoha is a model daycare centre for children in the Central Wholesale Market area of Asunción, where about 100 children from 50 low-income families, who live and/or work in the Market, can access care and learning opportunities during the week. The aim of the Centre is to provide a space for quality care through a wide range of learning opportunities and emotional support.

The eight interaction Guidelines of ICDP form the basis of the quality care provided for children and adolescents of the Centre, and are the subject of a course for adult family members of the children.