Recreativo Social E Desportivo Guelson

At a glance: The Recreativo Social e Desportivo Guelson football club, Angola is an association working towards the physical, mental, cultural development and the social inclusion of young people through sport. It uses football and handball in the most disadvantaged communities to promote the values ​​of respect, commitment, solidarity, trust and love for others.
Goal: Remove children and young people from situations of risk, giving them the opportunity for personal development and higher self-esteem. They are also helped to discover what their talents are, so that they can be useful for the community.
Results: The project started in April 2010 with 30 children in the Sapu neighborhood (Kilamba Kiaxi, Luanda province). Today in Luanda alone, around 2,000 children and teenagers participate in the project. Some of the members have now become teachers and nurses, and others participated in the FIFA U19 World Cup in Brazil for the Angola national team in 2019.