SD Spain

Susila Dharma Spain focuses on change or improvement in three areas: society, human beings and the environment.

SD Spain’s flagship project is the Sierra Leone Health Initiative which aims to support the Clarissan Missionary in the areas of health and education.

The Mile 91 Clinic, run by the Mission, attends around 50-60 patients a day including 2-3 deliveries per week. It has several consultation rooms, a laboratory and rooms for drips and emergency treatment. It also runs nutritional programmes. A maternity ward on the same mission grounds will soon open its doors.

In partnership with the Atabal Foundation and Africa Directo, SD Spain is actively involved in this project by raising funds for medication and food. It also collects furniture and machines – beds, ultrasound machine – for the maternity ward. There is a need to expand the existing solar panel plant, so that it provides electricity for the new ward as well. The plant was purchased for the clinic in 2014 with funding from SDIA.

Olga Ramirez
[email protected]