Subud Emergency Fund

In 2005, the World Subud Association created the Subud Emergency Fund to be a source of one-time assistance of last resort for Subud members in acute financial difficulty due, for example, to emergency medical needs, sudden unemployment, or unexpected death in the family. (

Since then, many Subud members and their families have benefited from emergency assistance based on testing by international helpers. Particularly in these last few years, and in countries with little or no effective social safety net, the needs have been exceptionally high.

The Subud Emergency Fund can continue to help with your collaboration. WSA & SDIA aim to raise $15,000 to $20,000 for this fund in 2023.

Please consider a gift to help our fellow brothers and sisters in their time of need
by supporting the Subud Emergency Fund.

You have two ways to donate to the Fund:

To give via WSA

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To give via SDIA

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