Supporting those in need in a time of crisis

For those who have been following the fast of Ramadan, as well as anyone else who just wants to help others in difficulty, we invite you to give this year to SDIA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

This fund will support SD projects working to help communities in difficulty, and – exceptionally this year – Subud members who are struggling to make ends meet, to feed their families or pay their rent. These funds will be channeled through the WSA’s Care Support function.

The COVID-19 pandemic that spread rapidly and extensively last year has continued to spread in 2021, and rates have even increased in some parts of the world, leading to public health and economic crises in several countries. This has had profound implications, as many have lost their livelihoods and are struggling to put food on the table.

Your generous support will be divided between helping to meet the needs of struggling communities at large, and supporting those Subud members most directly and seriously affected by the pandemic.

We invite you to give through your SD National organisation or through SDIA. SDIA can offer tax deductible receipts to US tax payers only. Click here for a complete list of SD Nationals; if unsure please check with them whether they can provide tax receipts.