SD Network Passport – Meet our changemakers on a virtual global journey

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This year we have initiated a new activity – a series of project presentations to enable you to interact with our Susila Dharma projects from the comfort of your home.

The SD Network Passport: Meet our changemakers on a virtual global journey series is allowing participating projects to showcase their work to an audience that will be able to witness the context of projects, hear about their impacts, activities and challenges, and ask questions in a discussion afterwards.

Where we are going next …

We are planning to visit Anisha in India, Enthum House in the UK, Roda Viva in Portugal, FUEGOS in Ecuador, and Puppeteers without Borders among others. (Dates to be confirmed.)

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Previous events

So far we have visited five countries in three different continents.

  • In January, we met the SD Congo team in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where we screened a 2020 film about the growth and development of the community health centres in the DRC, followed by a discussion with the SDIA and SD Congo teams and the film’s director. You can view the entire webinar here.
  • In February we travelled to Colombia to visit the Mis Corazones Alegres eldercare project to learn about the context in which it operates, how it cares for its residents and the challenges it faces. You can view this webinar here. Please note – most of this webinar is in Spanish.
  • Our visit in March was to Borneo Football International Foundation in Kalimantan, Indonesia, to see a new film they have produced charting their achievements over the past 6 years as they support children and young people from impoverished communities. You can view this webinar here. Please note – the first 18 minutes of this webinar are in Spanish.
  • In May, we jetted off to I Protect Me in South Africa where we were treated to interventions by a wide range of people – schoolchildren, volunteers, staff, academics, consultants and education experts – attesting to the efficacy and impact of this programme which is now 10 years old. You can view this webinar here.
  • On 19 June we were in Angola visiting RSD Guelson, Angola. Recreativo Social Desportivo Guelson FC is a social insertion project in Angola, whose purpose is to help young boys and girls to express their talent through sport and to give them opportunities that will prevent them from getting involved in behaviours such as drug abuse, gangs, prostitution and early pregnancy. Watch the film that formed the basis of this visit here.
  • On 11 September, we visited Quest Center for Integrative Health, USA where we discovered the project’s history, its current activities and impact, and how the pandemic affected its work. You can view this webinar here and watch the video that formed the basis of the webinar here.